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Department of Psychology Faculty 


Neil Lamper, Ph.D.: Visiting Lecturer, 1963-1965

Leslie R. Beach, Ph.D.: Associate Professor, 1964; Professor, 1968; retired, 1991; died Sept. 7, 2008

Susan Van Ouwerkerk, A.B.: Assistant, 1965-1967

John A. Barlow, Ph.D.: Professor, 1966-1968

Roger Steenland, Ph.D.: Assistant Professor and Clinical Psychologist, 1966-1969

David G. Myers, Ph.D.: Assistant Professor, 1967; Associate Professor and Director of Educational Research, 1970; Associate Professor, 1971; Professor, 1975; The John Dirk Werkman Professor of Psychology, 1982; Professor, 2007

Delbert S. McHenry, B.A.: Instructor, 1968-1969

James P. Motiff, Ph.D.: Assistant Professor, 1969; Associate Professor, 1972; Professor, 1985; retired, 2004

James Henry Reynierse, Ph.D.: Associate Professor, 1969; Professor, 1972-1974

Floyd Westendorp, M.D.: Visiting Lecturer, 1969-1975

Stephen Wilcox, M.A.: Instructor, 1970-1973

Jane R. Dickie, Ph.D.: Assistant Professor, 1972; Associate Professor, 1979; Professor, 1988-2012

Patrick R. Harrison, Ph.D: Assistant Professor, 1972-1977

Eugene Scholten, Ph.D.: Teaching Associate, 1972-1982

Kenneth VanderWoude, Ph.D.: Teaching Associate, 1972-1987

Steve Flag: Visiting Lecturer, 1974-1975

Wayne Kinzie, Ph.D.: Visiting Lecturer, 1974

Martin Bolt, Ph.D.: Visiting Lecturer, 1975-1978

John J. Shaughnessy, Ph.D.: Assistant Professor, 1975; Associate Professor, 1982; Professor, 1992

Carla Beach, M.S.: Visiting Lecturer, 1976

Kirk Brink, M.A.: Visiting Lecturer, 1976

Thomas E. Ludwig, Ph.D.: Assistant Professor, 1977; Associate Professor, 1983; Professor, 1991

Glenn Weaver: Visiting Lecturer, 1977-1978

Richard Paschke, Ph.D.: Visiting Lecturer, 1981

Michael Ruch, Ph.D.: Visiting Lecturer, 1981-1983

Leonard John Donk, Ph.D.: Visiting Lecturer, 1983

Charles Green, Ph.D.: Visiting Assistant Professor, 1983; Assistant Professor, 1987; Associate Professor, 1990; Associate Professor and Director of the Philip Phelps Scholars Program, 1999; Professor and Director of the Philip Phelps Scholars Program, 2000

Darell J. Schregardus, Ph.D.: Visiting Lecturer, 1983; Adjunct Associate Professor, 1994-2008

Patricia Ponto, M.A.: Visiting Instructor, 1984-1986

Peter L. Everts, Ph.D.: Visiting Lecturer, 1986-1987

Patricia Roehling, Ph.D.: Assistant Professor, 1987; Associate Professor, 1995; Professor, 2003

Dennis L. Mulder, Ed.D.: Visiting Lecturer, 1988-1989

Dalene Rooks DeGraaf, Ph.D.: Visiting Lecturer, 1989-1990

David Heining-Boynton, Ph.D.: Visiting Lecturer, 1989

Kyle Harrell Storm, M.A.: Visiting Assistant Professor, 1990-1991

Margaret Kasimatis, Ph.D.: Assistant Professor, 1991-1997

Kristen Klaaren: Visiting Lecturer, spring 1992

Scott Vander Stoep, Ph.D.: Visiting Lecturer, spring 1992; Visiting Assistant Professor, 1993-1994; Associate Professor and Director of the Carl Frost Center for Social Science Research, 1999; Professor and Director of the Carl Frost Center for Social Science Research, 2008

Lorna Hernandez Jarvis, Ph.D.: Assistant Professor, 1993; Associate Professor, 1999; Professor, 2006

Jeffrey P. Nicholas, Ph.D.: Visiting Assistant Professor, 1993-1994

Bruce E. Blaine, Ph.D.: Visiting Assistant Professor, 1994-1995

Lewis R. Aiken, Ph.D.: Visiting Professor, 1995-1996

Steven J. Spencer, Ph.D.: Assistant Professor, 1995-1997

Kristen Gray, Psy.D.: Visiting Assistant Professor, 1996-1999

Cathleen E. McGreal, Ph.D.: Visiting Associate Professor, 1996-2000

Lambertus van Hoek, Ph.D.: Visiting Assistant Professor, 1996

Geoffrey D. Munro, Ph.D.: Visiting Assistant Professor, 1997-1998

Charlotte vanOyen Witvliet, Ph.D.: Assistant Professor, 1997; Assistant Professor and Towsley Research Scholar, 2000; Associate Professor, 2003; Professor, 2009

Amy Bade, Ed.D.: Part-time Lecturer, 1998; Adjunct Assistant Professor, 2007

Leigh Wendtland-O'Connor, Ph.D.: Visiting Assistant Professor, 1998-2000

Lisa M. Evans, Ph.D.: Assistant Professor, 1999-2002

Mary L. Inman, Ph.D.: Associate Professor, 1999; Professor, 2008

Joanne M. Karpinen, Ph.D.: Visiting Assistant Professor, 2001-2004

Charles K. Behensky, Ph.D.: Assistant Professor, 2003-2009

Jacqueline Heisler, M.A.: Adjunct Assistant Professor, 2004-2006

Brian C. Sims, Ph.D.: Visiting Instructor, 2005-2006

Sonja Trent-Brown, Ph.D.: Assistant Professor, 2005; Associate Professor, 2011

Vickie Jean, Ph.D.: Visiting Assistant Professor, 2006-2007

Gwenda L. Schmidt, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, 2009

Carrie A. Bredow, Ph.D.: Assistant Professor, 2012

Lindsey M. Root Luna, Ph.D.: Assistant Professor, 2012

Daryl R. Van Tongeren, Ph.D.: Assistant Professor, 2012