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Department of Religion Faculty 


Simon De Vries, Th.D.: Associate Professor, 1961-1962

Richard Oudersluys, D.D.: Assistant, 1964-1966

John Piet, Ph.D.: Assistant, 1964-1969

Lyle Vander Werff: Assistant, 1965-1966

Elton J. Bruins, Ph.D.: Assistant Professor, 1966; Associate Professor, 1970; Professor, 1973; Evert J. and Hattie E. Blekkink Professor of Religion, 1981; Dean of Arts and Humanitites, 1984-1989; retired, 1992

Robert Palma, Ph.D.: Instructor, 1966; Assistant Professor, 1970; Associate Professor, 1975; Professor, 1987; retired, 1994

Robert Coughenour, Ph.D.: Associate Professor, 1969; Professor, 1973-1975

Sang H. Lee, B.D.: Assistant Professor, 1970; Associate Professor, 1975-1980

Norman Kansfield, S.T.M.: Assistant, 1971-1972

Wayne G. Boulton, Ph.D.: Assistant Professor, 1972; Associate Professor, 1978; Professor, 1984-1992

Allen Verhey, Ph.D.: Visiting Assistant Professor, 1975; Assistant Professor, 1976; Associate Professor, 1980; Professor, 1986-1992; Evert J. and Hattie E. Blekkink Professor of Religion, 1994; Evert J. and Hattie E. Blekkink Adjunct Professor, 2004

Ralph W. Vunderink, Ph.D.: Visiting Assistant Professor, 1975-1977

David Gouwens, M.D.: Visiting Assistant Professor, 1976-1977

Dennis Voskuil, Ph.D.: Assistant Professor, 1977; Associate Professor, 1982; Professor 1988; Evert J. and Hattie E. Blekkink Professor of Religion, 1992-1994; Evert J. and Hattie E. Blekkink Adjunct Professor of Religion, 1994

Richard Van Houten, Ph.D.: Visiting Assistant Instructor, 1980-1982

Christiana DeGroot Van Houten, M.A.: Visiting Instructor, 1981-1982

Lyle Vander Broek, M.Div.: Visiting Assistant Professor, 1981-1982

Boyd H. Wilson, Ph.D.: Assistant Professor, 1982; Associate Professor, 1988; Professor, 1996

Barry L. Bandstra, Ph.D.: Assistant Professor, 1983; Associate Professor, 1988; Professor, 1995

Elaine Tanis, M.Ed.: Visiting Assistant Lecturer, 1983-1988

Michael Butterworth, M.Div.: Northrup Visiting Chaplain and Lecturer, 1984

Thomas D. Kennedy, Ph.D.: Visiting Assistant Professor, 1984-1987

David Cook, Ph.D.: Northrup Visiting Chaplain & Lecturer, 1985

Janet Meyer Everts, Ph.D.: Assistant Professor, 1985; Associate Professor, 1993

Elizabeth A. Gaines, M.A.: Visiting Assistant Professor, 1985-1986

Steven Stam, M.Div.: Visiting Assitant Lecturer, 1985-1991

David J. Atkinson, Ph.D.: Northrup Visiting Chaplain and Lecturer, 1986

L. Bruce Keeble, M.Th.: Northrup Visiting Chaplain and Lecturer, 1987

Lynn W. Japinga, Ph.D: Visiting Assistant Lecturer, 1988; Assistant Professor, 1992; Associate Professor, 1999; Professor, 2012

D. Scott Lowe, Ph.D.: Visiting Assistant Professor, 1988-1989

Jeffrey Munroe, M.Div.: Visiting Assistant Lecturer, 1988-1992

James LaGrand, Th.D.: Visiting Assistant Lecturer, 1991

Dominic P. Scibilia, Ph.D.: Visiting Assistant Professor, 1991-1992

Albert Lewis, Ph.D.: Visiting Assistant Lecturer, 1992

Steven D. Hoogerwerf, Ph.D.: Visiting Assistant Professor, 1992; Adjunct Assistant Professor, 1997; Assistant Professor, 2000

Steven Bouma-Prediger, Ph.D.: Assistant Professor, 1994; Associate Professor, 1997; The John H. and Jeanne M. Jacobson Professor of Religion, 2003

Phillip B. Munoa III, Ph.D.: Associate Professor, 1993; Professor, 2004

J. Jeffrey Tyler, Ph.D.: Assistant Professor, 1995; Associate Professor, 2001; Professor, 2008

Miguel A. De La Torre, Ph.D.: Assistant Professor, 1999-2005

Daniel E. Sack, Ph.D.: Visiting Assistant Professor, 1999-2000

Timothy L. Brown, D.Min.: Professor of Religion and The Hinga-Boersma Dean of the Chapel, 2001; Adjunct Professor, 2004

David S. Cunningham, Ph.D.: Professor and Director of the CrossRoads Project, 2003; Director of the Center for Writing and Research, 2011

Kent A. VanTil, Ph.D.: Visiting Assistant Professor of Religion, 2004-2009

Wayne Brouwer, Ph.D.: Visiting Assistant Professor, 2005; Assoicate Professor, 2012

Andrew (Zhonghu) Yan, Ph.D.: Assistant Professor, 2005

Mark A. Husbands, Ph.D.: The Leonard and Marjorie Maas Associate Professor of Reformed Theology, 2007

Alyssa H. Pitstick, S.T.D.: Assistant Professor, 2008-2012

Jared J. Ortiz, Ph.D.: Assistant Professor, 2012