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Experts Guide

When you’re working on a story of national, regional, or local interest and need an expert on the issue at hand, we invite you to draw upon the grand wealth of knowledge and experience of the Hope College faculty and staff.

Because of the college’s dedication to fine teaching and researching, you may find just the specialist you are looking for to answer your questions. More than 600 topics are listed on the following pages.

This resource guide will allow you to find a Hope expert quickly. Besides the categorical listing of Hope experts, a faculty/staff index can be found on pages 17-29, giving you each expert’s office phone number, email, title, and degrees.

Feel free to make your contacts directly with the person you seek. If you require additional assistance, you are also welcome to call the Public Relations Office at (616) 395-7860. Our office’s fax number is (616) 395-7991. Our Web site is: http://www.hope.edu/pr/

We hope that this guide becomes a useful tool for your writing and reporting needs.

Gregory S. Olgers
Director of News Media Services
Office -- (616) 395-7860
E-mail -- olgers@hope.edu