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April 2016

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One Body, Many Voices
The larger context, however, is Hope's commitment to being an ecumenical community.... continue

Center Stage On The Fringe
Being selected to perform is a compliment to Professors Farmer and Frazier, the H@ Dance Company, and Hope College's Department of Dance as a whole .... continue

Prologue To The Present: Chronicling the First 150 Years
From its humble beginnings as a five-acre campus when the college began, Hope now encompasses 150 acres adjoining Holland's downtown area.. continue

From this time forth forevermore
Since its beginning in the mid-19th century, Hope has embodied promise both immediate and transcendent... continue

Cultural Immersion Blooms At Rosebud
"To me, education is a lot more than just books; it is about helping each student share his or her own story and have a successful future."... continue

Living Hope
Each of this year's retirees has devoted more than a quarter century - a full generation-plus - to shaping Hope students' lives...." continue

He Dares and Does Boldly
"We don't need another singular voice like MLK's in this country; we still have his voice. We just need more action.".... continue

Quote, unquote
"Quote, unquote" is an eclectic sampling of things said at and about
Hope College. continue

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