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December 2014

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Jazz Residencies are "A Game-Changer"
An innovative jazz residency that began this year provides an example of great things to come. continue
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"Just the Best"
When the final point slammed to the court, the Hope College volleyball team set off a celebration 42 years in the making. continue
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"Big Read" Links Hope and Holland in Learning
"It's an English education professor's dream come true to see a community come thogheter and have conversations over one book," said Dr. Deborah Van Duinen. continue
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Developing Future Geological Leaders from Holland to Halland
"Science is an endeavor that is progressively becoming more international all the time," Dr. Edward Hanson said. continue
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From Hanoi to Hope with Love
"I never imagined that one day I'd get this much attention and I never knew there were so many good people in the world, so many good people around Hope and the world who care." Ahn Trinh '18. continue
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Memories of Perfection
The '84 team and its 102 members and six-man coaching staff accomplished, what no Hope football team had done before or has done since. continue
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Memory Embodied
The work of internationally acclaimed designer Charles Eames, the Phelps dining hall chairs familiar to generations of students are considered American classics. continue
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Quote, unquote
"Quote, unquote" is an eclectic sampling of things said at and about
Hope College. continue

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