Knickerbocker Theatre's Summer Film
Series Runs July 21 - Sept. 14

Posted July 20, 2000

HOLLAND -- The Knickerbocker Theatre of Hope College is featuring six films during its summer, 2000 film series, which runs Friday, July 21, through Thursday, Sept. 14.

The six films are "Mansfield Park" (July 21-27), "The Cup" (July 31-Aug. 10), "East West" (Aug. 11-17), "God Said Ha!" (Aug. 18-24), "Sweet and Lowdown" (Aug. 28-Sept. 7) and "Rear Window" (Sept. 8-14).In addition, the Knickerbocker will feature a four-film "Hitchcock Festival" on Friday and Saturday, Sept. 15-16, presenting "Rear Window," "Vertigo," "Dial M for Murder" and "North by Northwest."

"Mansfield Park," "The Cup," "God Said Ha!," and "Sweet and Lowdown" will all run at 7 p.m. and 9 p.m. nightly, and "East West" will run at 7 p.m. and 9:15 p.m. nightly."Rear Window" will show at 7 p.m. and 9:15 p.m. on Saturday-Thursday, Sept. 8-14, and at 7 p.m. on Friday, Sept. 15."Vertigo" will show on Friday, Sept. 15, at 9:15 p.m.; "Dial M for Murder" will show on Saturday, Sept. 16, at 7 p.m.; and "North by Northwest" will show on Saturday, Sept. 16, at 9 p.m.

The Knickerbocker Theatre is closed on Sundays. "Mansfield Park" is based on the novel by Jane Austen.The film begins just after the turn of the 18th century, and follows young Fanny Price as she moves in with wealthy relatives from her poor home in Portsmouth.She is treated as an outcast by most of the family, falls in love with the family's kind son and then is promised in marriage to someone else.The film is rated PG-13 and is in English.

"The Cup" was filmed in the small, central Asian country of Bhutan and focuses on a Tibetan monastery-in- exile.With humorous touches, the film follows a young monk-in-training who is a devoted soccer fan and goes to extremes to watch the 1998 World Cup matches on television. "The Cup" is in Bhutan with English subtitles, and is rated G.

"East West" centers on a family that returns to the Soviet Union from France when in June of 1946 Stalin promises such emigrants amnesty and a chance to help rebuild their homeland.The film follows the husband and wife as they react differently to a life that is much harsher than they expected."East West" is in French and Russian with English subtitles, and is rated PG-13.

"God Said Ha!" is a monologue featuring "Saturday Night Live's" Julia Sweeney and relates events that started in 1994.She had just left "Saturday Night Live" and purchased a home when her brother was diagnosed with terminal lymphoma.He moved in with her as he started chemotherapy and their parents joined them.As his tragedy ended, another began."God Said Ha!" is in English and is rated PG-13.

"Sweet and Lowdown" is a Woody Allen film that examines the world of jazz in the 1930s and 1940s.The film follows the fictional Emmet Ray, a brilliant artist whose life outside of music is less so.The cast includes Sean Penn, Samantha Morton and Uma Thurman."Sweet and Lowdown" is in English, and is rated PG-13.

"Rear Window" is the classic Hitchcock film starring James Stewart and Grace Kelly.Stewart is a photographer who, when a broken leg confines him to his Manhattan apartment, spends his time watching the building opposite him.He thinks he sees a murder, and acts when the police won't believe him."Rear Window" is in English and rated PG.

The Knickerbocker Theatre is located at 86 E. 8th St. in downtown Holland.Tickets cost $5 for regular adult admission, and $4 for senior citizens and students.

Additional information about the series may be obtained by calling the Knickerbocker Theatre's information line at (616) 395-7403.


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