New Edition Published of Genetics
Workbook by Professor Donald Cronkite

Posted January 3, 2003

HOLLAND -- The third edition has been published of "A Problem-Based Guide to Basic Genetics" by Dr. Donald Cronkite of the Hope College biology faculty.

The guide provides a step-by-step approach to solving problems in basic genetics, and is designed for college students beginning their study of biology. It was published by Brooks/Cole of Thomson Learning in conjunction with the sixth edition of the textbook "Biology" by Eldra P. Solomon, Linda R. Berg and Diana W. Martin. The two books share the same cover image, a gyrfalcon in flight.

Cronkite developed the guide, first published in 1996, to help students understand how problem solving is central to genetics as a field. He noted that he was inspired in the approach by the research of 19th century genetics pioneer Gregor Mendel, an Austrian monk and teacher who through observation discovered the principles of heredity that continue to be central in the discipline.

Cronkite began teaching genetics in 1972 at the University of Redlands in California. He has been at Hope College, where he teaches introductory biology and embryology, since 1978.

He has received both national and campus recognition for his teaching. In 1995, he won the "Four- Year College Biology Teaching Award" presented by the National Association of Biology Teachers. In 1991, he was one of only 700 faculty members recognized nationally with a 1990-91 Sears-Roebuck Foundation Teaching Excellence and Campus Leadership Award. In 1988, he was named a co- recipient of the college's Hope Outstanding Professor Educator (H.O.P.E.) Award by the senior class and also served as Commencement speaker.


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