Steering Committee

Hope College President John C. Knapp appointed a committee of faculty, staff, trustees and students to oversee the strategic planning process.

The charge for this group is to:

  1. Engage the campus in assessing and evaluating the college on areas of strategic significance in the next ten years.
  2. Establish overarching goals that will guide the college’s strategic decisions
  3. Develop a strategic plan with both short and long term initiatives that will allow the college to achieve the vision for increased national and international stature as both a premier liberal arts college and leader in Christ centered higher education.


John Knapp, Co-Chair, President
Nancy DeWitt, Co-Chair, Trustee
Mary Bauman, Trustee
Tom Bylsma, CFO
Richard Frost, VP of Student Development
Jason Gillmore, Faculty: Natural and Applied Sciences
Alfredo Gonzales, Dean for International & Multicultural Education
Aaron Goodyke, Student
Dan Gordon, Trustee
Mike Jipping, Faculty Moderator
Fred Johnson, Faculty: Humanities
Trygve Johnson, Dean of the Chapel
Huw Lewis, Faculty:  Arts
Lori Mulder, Director of Human Resources
Jeff Puckett, Vice President for Development and Alumni Engagement
Rich Ray, Provost
Santiago Rios, Student Representative
John Ruiter, Director of Development
Daria Solomon, Student Representative
Sonja Trent-Brown, Faculty: Social Sciences
Bill Vanderbilt, VP of Admissions
Jennfer Fellinger, VP of Public Affairs & Marketing


  • Saturday, February 22.  Strategic Planning Steering Committee Kick Off Retreat.