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Guidelines For Delivering General Mail
to the Mail Center

  1. All Unstamped mail to be metered should be in trays or rubber banded together with flaps up and your account number in the upper left-hand corner of at least the top envelope. Be sure to keep the adhesive closure dry so the letters do not stick together.
  2. Please separate and bundle mail according to the 4 slots provided facing the window. (See diagram) Please use rubber bands provided on the desk or ask for trays for all mail groupings. This will help the mail center staff to sort the mail in an efficient and timely manner.
  3. Airmail should be left at the window. For all airmail, except letters 1/4" thick or less, a customs forms have to be made out by departmental personnel. Custom form #2976 up to 4# and custom form #2976a for packages 4#+, and all International express and priority packages, regardless of weight. The country that the mail is being sent to must be clearly written on the last line of the address - not abbreviated please!
  4. When sending inter-campus mail, please include the department (not the building) name of the recipient. Building addressees are not enough. When sending student intercampus mail, bundle and sort by dorms/apts and sequence by room numbers. you can order labels/lists in this manner.
  5. Envelopes with black printed addresses on white background can be sent presort, which is $.03 cheaper than first-class mail. In order for your mail to be sent this way the same day, it must be at the Mail Center by 2:30 pm daily. If a postal scanner can read the street and city/state address of recipient on envelope, it can be sent presort. However, any letter with anything that interferes with the address, such as color, notations, low return addresses, hand written, cursive lettering, and windows on envelopes that are lower than 5/8" from the bottom, cannot be sent presort, and should be kept seperate from presort mail.
  6. When you order glossy card stock, make sure that the area for mailing is laser friendly, otherwise the ink will smear when metering. If you choose to apply stamps, this is no issue.