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Shipping Service Requirements

In General, it is always best to print or type out the Mailing Label rather than write it out. While both are accepted, handwritten labels are not always easily read by the service, slowing down the delivery of your package. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you print the label if possible.

UPS Services

  • Fill out a UPS Parcel Shipping Record form available in the Mail Center. We will print address on official UPS label
  • UPS special Envelopes and PAKs are available for your use at the Mail Center
  • Deliver the package to the Mail Center before 3:00 pm
  • UPS will not normally deliver on weekends, so a package sent next day air on Friday will not be delivered until Monday. (UPS does have a Saturday delivery option but charges extra for this service)

Fed Ex Services

  • A Fed Ex Waybill, available at Mail Center, must be filled out by the sending department. This form, as well as envelopes and PAKs are available in the Mail center.
  • Fed-Ex Packages must be delivered to the Mail Center before 3:00 pm.
  • Fed-Ex follows a similar rule concerning Saturdays as UPS. (see above)

USPS Services

  • Print or write "from:" and "to:" address on boxes, and identify each as shown.
  • Priority Mail Envelopes and Boxes are also available in the Mail Center.
  • Never use staples on boxes or mail to be sent USPS, since they can catch in the machines and cause serious issues for the carriers. Use tape or stickers instead.
  • Multiple envelopes should be placed together with the flaps out, if sealing is necessary. They must also be rubber banded with the account number on at least the first envelope above return address.
  • Deliver to Mail Services before 4:00pm daily.