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UPS WorldWide

  1. Complete an UPS Worldwide Waybill. This should be typed as there are several copies to be printed through and you may also be sending to or through non-English speaking countries. It is important that the information be clear and precise in order to receive optimal service. Your phone number and that of the recipient are very important in case any problems with the delivery occur. Manifests are required for packages.
  2. UPS envelopes and PAKs are available for your use at the Mail Center.
  3. Deliver to the Mail Center before 3:30 PM.
  4. Please note that the service time does not include weekends but business days only. If you are told that a package should arrive in three days, that means 3 business days.
  5. Delivery times are estimates only. They are correct only if your package goes through customs smoothly. Again, the more complete the waybill, the better your chances are of quick delivery.
  6. Be sure to be exact in your description of goods. Business papers, manuscripts, contracts, airline tickets, checks, letters, books, cassettes, CDs, videos, computer disks etc. are all good descriptions. Gifts, traveling materials etc. are not. Customs needs your description to be exact.
  7. Anything other than business papers requires a declared value. If you don't give a declared value, customs will provide one that may cost you more money than the item is worth. One dollar is an acceptable declared value if that is all it is worth to you and/or the recipient. Do not send cash.
  8. Don't forget to sign the bottom right hand box.