1.††† Registration:Students must register on-line between February 4-18 for all off-campus courses.Registration for online courses begins Feb 4 and can occur up until the course is scheduled to begin.


†††††† ***All students taking a summer off-campus course must have permission of the instructor and attend spring on-campus orientations***

†††††† Online courses are open only to current degree-seeking Hope College students.


†††††† Should you wish to substitute a course for a general education or major/minor requirement, you will need to contact the Registrarís office (for general education substitution) or the academic department.


†††††† Students may register for a senior seminar only if they have completed their junior year.


†††††† If you are planning to graduate in May 2009, you must reapply to Hope to take a summer class.Forms are available in the Registrarís office.If you need this summer course to graduate in July 2009, note that all work must be completed, graded and on your record by August 28.


2.††† Cancellations:An eight-student minimum is required for each course.Should a course be cancelled, students will be informed immediately so they may enroll in a different course.


3.††† Costs:Listed course fees DO NOT include tuition except for Vienna Summer School and the Seminar on Contemporary Issues in Japan.Tuition rates will be announced in late January, 2009.Costs shown in this booklet are estimates based on current exchange rates and are subject to change.Contact the course instructor for final course fees.

A.††† Students may participate in May, June, or July Off-Campus courses ONLY if their student account is current.

B.††† Fees and airfare will be refunded to the extent that the college can receive credit for expenses already incurred for the program.

C.††† Students auditing off-campus courses must pay the regular tuition rate.


4.††† Deposits and Payments:The following schedule applies to all off-campus courses.All funds are paid in the Office of Business Services.


††††††††††† January 5††††††††† $100 Deposit (non-refundable)*

††††††††††† February 20†††† Payment of airfare (if applicable)

††††††††††† March31††††††† 50% of balance due

††††††††††† April 24††††††††††† Remaining balance due


*Vienna Summer School requires a $300 deposit within three weeks of acceptance to the program.


5.††† Statement of Responsibility, Release from Liability:

All off-campus students must sign a statement of Responsibility, Release from Liability (available from the professor) prior to taking the course.


6.††† Information:Contact the appropriate professor for details or stop by the Office of the Registrar, DeWitt first floor, 395-7760.