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System of Grading

Each student receives a grade in his/her courses at the middle and at the close of the semester.  The mid-semester grades, designed to give the student an indication of his/her progress, do not appear on the student's transcript.

The system of grades is as follows:

Grade Significance Quality Points
A Superior 4.0 per semester credit
A- Superior 3.7 per semester credit
B+ Good 3.3 per semester credit
B Good 3.0 per semester credit
B- Good 2.7 per semester credit
C+ Adequate 2.3 per semester credit
C Adequate 2.0 per semester credit
C- Adequate 1.7 per semester credit
D+ Weak but passing 1.3 per semester credit
D Weak but passing 1.0 per semester credit
D- Weak but passing 0.7 per semester credit
F Failure 0.0 or nothing
P Pass (Pass/Fail Option) 0.0 or nothing
I Incomplete  
W Withdrawal  
IP In Progress  

Quality points (the numerical equivalent of the letter grade) are used to determine the student's rank in class, academic honors, and academic warning, probation, or suspension.  By way of example, a student receiving an A, B. C, D, or F in a three-credit semester course earns 12, 9, 6, 3, or 0 quality points respectively.  The number of earned quality points divided by the number of semester credits attempted (excluding "Pass" credits and "W" grades) establishes the quality point average (GPA) of a student. 

 A quality (or grade) point average of 2.0 shall be required for graduation from Hope College

Midterm Grades

Midterms reflect grades in courses after about eight weeks. In some cases, they represent about half your grade in the course; in others, much of the course work is yet to be completed and graded. If you have questions, be sure to check with your instructor.

While midterm grades are not part of your permanent record and do not "count" in your semester grade point average (GPA), they are important indicators.

The worst thing to do about midterms is to ignore them.

Midterm grades are meant to encourage you to get in touch with others. Keeping on the same path may result in the same grades; spending more time on classes may not be enough.

Your midterm grades will be available to you on-line via your KnowHope Plus account. You'll be able to see your midterm grades as soon as your professors enter them.

Read More About Mid-Term Grades

Final Grades

Grades are reported to students by the Registrar both at midterm and at the conclusion of the semester.  Final grades become part of the official record of the student and available to students on-line through KnowHope Plus. Grade reports are not mailed to students.

Incomplete Grades

An incomplete (I) is given only when unusual circumstances, beyond the control of the student, prevent giving a specific grade. The "I" grade must be removed within six weeks after the close of the session in which the incomplete was given. If not removed within this time, the incomplete (I) becomes a failure (F). No Report (NR) grades are given when the professor has not submitted a grade. Like incomplete grades, no report grades become a failure (F) after six weeks. Degrees are not awarded to those students who have incomplete (I) or NR grades. Degree candidates whose record shows an incomplete (I) grade or a no report (NR) grade at the time of their requested degree date must apply for the next degree date.