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Welcome to Computing and Information Technology!

In recent months CIT has seen a substantial increase in attempts by outside persons to gain access to Hope email accounts. These most often come in the form of a poorly-worded messages indicating the need to reset your password or that your quota has been exceeded. These may be sent from the account of a co-worker or student, however they are often signed in a very generic fashion (e.g. "Support Webmaster" or "Administrator Team"). The goal is to convince you to enter your username and password into an online form. Once that information is recorded it will be used to access your account, look for advantageous information (financial and otherwise), and send similar fraudulent messages to others. Often you wouldn't even realize that this activity is taking place.

It's important to note that these accounts are not being accessed through a weakness in the technology or "hacking." When such an attempt succeeds it is the result of an individual voluntarily providing a password to the outside party.

If you receive a message that looks suspicious, please keep the following in mind:
- Any communication regarding your account or other Hope technology issues will be sent by a CIT staff member and will include the name of that individual at the bottom of the message (as this one does). Generic terms like "System Administrator" or "Web Team" will not be used.

- CIT will never require that you enter your password into an online form in order to keep your account active.

If you have any question about the validity of a message, please contact the CIT Help Desk (x7670 or prior to providing your password or any other personal information.






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