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Telephone Policy

While Hope College's Department of Computing and Information Technology (CIT) strives to be an enabling resource in the use of technology for academic study, office productivity, and other areas of college life, there occasionally comes a time when expectations and limits must be set in the form of policy.

It is not the intention of CIT to develop and enforce policies to bureaucratically offend and limit the people it serves; rather, these policies exist to ensure reliable, secure and fair technology solutions continue at Hope College.

Therefore, as you read the policy statement below, please keep in mind that its intention in the larger scope is to maintain an excellent technology infrastructure and not to limit creativity, academic freedom, or other appropriate and welcomed activities.

Additional phone jacks

All residence hall rooms have at least one phone jack per resident. If more jacks are needed, students may purchase line splitters and install them. Some apartments and cottages may have wall phones with no additional jack. In these cases, CIT will install an additional jack directly below the phone so that other devices may be attached. CIT will not install additional phone jacks in bedrooms in cottages or apartments.

Extensions and other attachments

One extension can be connected to your telephone line by plugging into the additional jack. You must provide the telephone and line cord. Modems, answering machines, and FAX machines can be attached, but be aware that not all devices are capable of properly answering calls from the Hope phone system. Consult with CIT before purchasing for recommended machines. CIT approved line cords, telephones, and answering machines are available at the Hope-Geneva Bookstore. Additional telephone lines are available upon request on a limited basis for extra cost. Cordless phones are not recommended.


CIT will perform repairs on college-owned phones and wiring. Damage caused by abuse may result in a charge to the student or students using the phone.

Collect or Third Party Billing

No incoming collect and/or third party calls can be accepted on your telephone. All occupants share responsibility for use of the telephone. In the event that any collect or third party calls are billed to a phone, the charges will be split equally by all occupants of the room, unless other arrangements are made. A $10.00 surcharge will be added to the bill. However, outbound collect calls can be made.

900 Numbers

Calls cannot be made to 900 numbers.

Fraudulent Telephone Calls

Any student making fraudulent phone calls will pay the cost of those calls plus a penalty, including the cost of collection. Any person making such calls is subject to college discipline and/or criminal prosecution.


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