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Personal Computer Purchase Agreement

While Hope College's Department of Computing and Information Technology (CIT) strives to be an enabling resource in the use of technology for academic study, office productivity, and other areas of college life, there occasionally comes a time when expectations and limits must be set in the form of policy.

It is not the intention of CIT to develop and enforce policies to bureaucratically offend and limit the people it serves; rather, these policies exist to ensure reliable, secure and fair technology solutions continue at Hope College.

Therefore, as you read the policy statement below, please keep in mind that its intention in the larger scope is to maintain an excellent technology infrastructure and not to limit creativity, academic freedom, or other appropriate and welcomed activities.


The college recognizes the need for benefit eligible employees to maintain current technological standards in their day to day activities. The Personal Computer Purchase Agreement allows employees the opportunity to purchase a new computer and finance it through the college.

Details and eligibility requirements are available by contacting Human Resources.

Services Provided:

While CIT is committed to providing high-quality service to faculty and staff through this benefit, some limits must be set to ensure that CIT's normal (i.e., college business) work flow is not upset. Therefore, CIT will:

  1. Consult with faculty and staff about specific questions and options regarding computing-related purchases. You may wish to start here.
  2. Order computers and computer equipment. Visit our "ordering" web page for more information.
  3. Provide initial setup, testing, and configuration of computers purchased through CIT or of the brands and models that CIT pre-approves.
    1. Installation of standard CIT-supported software packages (a legal license and original factory restoration media are required).
    2. CIT will copy documents from an old computer to a new computer.
  4. Provide warranty and out-of-warranty repairs to equipment purchased through CIT.
  5. Provide hardware and software upgrades (must be pre-approved by CIT and deemed "reasonable").

Services not Provided:

  1. Installation and troubleshooting of games.
  2. Configuration, installation, or repair of hardware or software unfamiliar to CIT. In general, CIT will not install or repair hardware or software not purchased through CIT.
  3. House calls (all equipment must be brought in to CIT).
  4. Services exceeding two hours staff time per incident.
  5. Loaner equipment.
  6. E-mail or network privileges for spouse/dependents.

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