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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How soon can I get my copy job?

Copy jobs are completed within 8 business hours. There are times of the year when they are completed more quickly. You will receive an email confirming the pick-up time.
2. Does it cost anything to fold or cut materials?
No. Folding and cutting are offered at no additional charge.
3. To whom should I give test papers?

Quizzes, tests and exams should be handed to staff personnel only. For security purposes, please do not leave them into the inbox. Quizzes, tests and exams may be submitted online and noted as such.

4. Is color copying available at Copy Works?

Yes both color printing and color copying are available at Copy Works.

5. What type of binding does Copy Works offer?

There are two types of binding offered at Copy Works, spiral and tape. The size of your booklet will determine the cost of binding.

6. Can I have personal items copied at Copy Works? How will I pay for this type of job?

Yes, Copy Works will do personal copy jobs. They will however be run after all Hope College work has been completed. All personal jobs are to be paid in cash.

7. Can I have a copy job run on my own specialty paper?

Yes, Copy Works can run jobs on almost any specialty paper. To be safe, you may want to check with us regarding your paper or have us do a “test” job to be sure the quality is what you expect.

8. How will I know how much I was charged for my copy job?

When you pick up your completed job, you will be given a receipt showing the date, the person requesting the job and the total amount charged to your fund.

9. Is having my copying done at Copy Works less expensive than bringing it somewhere off campus?

Yes, the pricing at Copy works is very competitive with what you will find at your local copy shop. We are here to service the campus and not necessarily make a “profit.”