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Copy Works! does basic printing

Copy Works! offers 1-sided and 2-sided copying, but encourages 2-sided copies to save paper.


A black and white 1-sided job costs ½ cent per page, and a 2-sided job costs 1 cent per page.

Copy Works! also offers color printing. A 1-sided color job costs 15 cents per page, and a 2-sided color job costs 25 cents per page.

Here's a general picture of the different colors of paper we have available at Copy Works!

Paper Options:

Your job can be printed on basic paper or coverstock. Both types of paper have various colors available for use. When you submit your job online, you can see the different colors available and choose which one you prefer.

  • Print charges include the price of white paper. Colored paper is an additional ½ cent per page.
  • Coverstock is 4 cents per page and is thicker than the basic paper.