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Adult Lesson Options:

Women's USTA Travel Teams:
(Indoor Season)

Under the direction of - Nate Price, Director of Tennis, USPTA, PTR.

Indoor Season (Sept - May)
Team Level Practice Day Practice Time Cost
3.0 Women's Team Monday 9-10:30 am $15/day
3.5 Women's Team Tuesday 9-10:30 am $15/day
4.0 Women's Team Monday 10:30-12 pm $15/day


MEN'S Daytime Mix & Match - Weekly
Indoor Season only (Sept - May)

For Men ONLY that are rated 3.0 and higher. This program is designed for players that can not play regularly, but wish to participate on a weekly basis. Players are assigned partners and play mostly doubles. A pro supervises the play and will also play if there is an odd number. A great way for new players to meet other people.

Day Time Members Non-members
1-3 pm $10 /day $14 /day

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