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Membership Information:

The 2015-2016 membership season at the DeWitt Tennis Center (DTC) begins Tuesday, September 8, 2015, and continues to Sept 5, 2016. Members may change their membership status at any time to include other family members. The cost difference between the two membership fees is due when the change is made.

DTC memberships are non-transferable. The DTC reserves the right to remove the membership of anyone who fails to comply with the policies of the facility.

See below for new Snowbirds program!

DTC Annual Membership Rates

  • Couple $495

  • Single  $340

  • Each added child $105 (Age 18 - or 22 if in college - when parent(s) are joining

  • Student $160 (Cost for each student in the family when no parents are joining)

Senior Memberhip Rates (65+)
  • Couple $390
  • Single $235


Snowbird program!

NEW for 2015 – Are you a snowbird that is gone for certain months of the year? We have a new program to help you that is called Court Cash and this is how it works...

1) Members that travel south may ask to be considered for the Court Cash program. Each case will be reviewed independently for the reason they are making the request. This does not apply for those that are staying in town and just want to start their memberships later in the year.

2) If approved, we will do the math to determine what each person's monthly rate is for their type of membership. For example a Single membership of $340 comes out to $28 per month.

3) Once that rate is determined, we will take the number of months you will be gone and give you Court Cash which can be used only for court time and PCT. (Not for lessons or weekly sign-ups) An example would be... a senior member that is gone for 4 months... pays $235 for their annual membership which breaks down to $20 per month x 4 months gone = $80 in Court Cash credit. 

4) The deadline to use their courts cash will be by Aug 31 of each year. Credits will not carry over to the next membership year (Sept-Sept)


Available again this year – Join the Dow Center

Members of the DTC may add a Dow Center membership to their DTC membership for the following reduced rates.

Adult Couples, Singles, Students,
or student add-ons: Add $100 /person

Seniors: Add $50 /person

Click link for Dow Center Info