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Applications Invited
Visiting Research Fellows Program
for Academic Year 2004-2005

The Van Raalte Institute at Hope College invites applications from qualified scholars for a fellowship offered through the Visiting Research Fellows Program.

Criteria for Selection: Proposals for support must demonstrate that the proposed research fits the Mission Statement of the Institute, that the scholar is qualified to conduct such research, and that the resources of the Institute and that of the Joint Archives of Holland are essential to the conduct of that research. A current curriculum vitae should be submitted with the application.

Expectations: The expectations that we have for the Visiting Research Fellows during and after their tenure are: 1) that the Fellow work on the project outlined in the proposal which was the basis for his/her selection; 2) that the Fellow present a report on her/his work at a colloquium for faculty and interested students; 3) that she/he submit a brief written report at the end of the fellowship, describing work accomplished during her/his tenure at the Institute; 4) that he/she acknowledge the support of the Van Raalte Institute in any publication(s) resulting from the fellowship; and 5) that he/she provide the Institute with a copy of any publication(s) resulting from their tenure at the Institute.

Application Deadline: Proposals are due no later than 15 January 2004. Further information can be obtained from:

Dr. Jacob E. Nyenhuis, Director, Van Raalte Institute
Hope College P.O. Box 9000 Holland, MI 49422-9000
Tel.: (616) 395-7678 Fax: (616) 395-7120

Visiting Research Fellows Program Established

In January 2003, at a retreat of Institute staff, we agreed to establish a new program designed to bring visiting scholars to the Institute on a regular basis. We began by establishing the structure of the program, setting the criteria, stipends, and expectations. Because we wished to implement the program for the following academic year, we decided to choose from among the applications that had come in unsolicited from scholars at home and abroad.

In the academic year 2003-2004, Dr. J. L. “Hans” Krabbendam and Dr. Lynn Winkels Japinga are our first two Visiting Research Fellows. Dr. Krabbendam comes to us from the Roosevelt Study Center in Middelburg, Zeeland, the Netherlands. He was approved for a six-week residency in September and October 2003. Dr. Japinga is a professor of religion at Hope College, so she is able to be in residency throughout the Fall Semester, 20 August 2003 to 20 December 2003. She was granted a fellowship which enabled her to reduce her teaching responsibilities by one course for the entire term.

Dr. Krabbendam is working on a book on Dutch immigrants in the United States. His public lecture, “Dutch-American Identity Politics: The Use of History by Dutch Immigrants,” is being distributed with this annual report. Dr. Japinga is conducting research in the field of modern church history.