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VRI Visiting Research Fellows Lecture Series

The Lecture Series publications are available to order through the Hope-Geneva Bookstore; email bookstore

  • Dutch-American Identity Politics: The Use of History by Dutch Immigrants, by Hans Krabbendam, no. 1 - 2003
    Complete lecture online

  • The Rain of God: RCA Growth and Decline in Historical Perspective, by Lynn M. Japinga, no. 2 - 2004
    Complete lecture online

  • Reassessing 1856: Overlooked Considerations Concerning the Birth of the Christian Reformed Church, by James A. De Jong, no. 3 - 2005
    Complete lecture online

  • Disease and Death among the Early Settlers in Holland, Michigan, by Jan Peter Verhave, no. 4 - 2006
    Complete lecture online

  • Growing up Dutch-American: Cultural Identity and the Formative Years of Older Dutch-Americans, by Peter Ester, no. 5 - 2008
    Complete lecture online

  • The Dutch Equation in the RCA Freemasonry Controversy, 1865-1885, by Harry Boonstra, no. 6 - 2008

  • Nicholas Steffens and Trans-Atlantic Relationships within the Reformed Church, by George Harinck, no. 7 - 2008. Published lecture: "We live presently under a waning moon": Nicolaus Martin Steffens as leader of the Reformed Church in America in the West in years of transition (1878-1895). Holland, MI: Van Raalte Press, 2013.

  • Preachers, Pews, and Pupils: Commemorating the Past in Twentieth Century Dutch America, by David Zwart, no. 8 - 2008. Holland, MI: Van Raalte Press, 2011.

  • The RCA Mission to Chiapas, 1925-2000, by Elizabeth Harvey, no. 9 - 2009, unpublished.

  • A. C. Van Raalte as a Churchman, by Leon van den Broeke, no. 10 - 2009. Published lecture: "Pope of the Classis"? The Leadership of Albertus C. Van Raalte in Dutch and American Classes. Holland, MI: Van Raalte Press, 2011.

  • Dutch Americans and the Rise of Heritage Studies, by Michael Douma, no. 11 - 2010. Holland, MI: Van Raalte Press, 2011.

  • The Legacy of Van Raalte, by Rein Nauta, no. 12 - 2011. Published lecture: Hope: The Legacy of Van Raalte. Holland, MI: Van Raalte Press, 2012.

  • Documentary Films of the Netherlands Shown in the United States, 1942 - 1973, by Henk Aay, no. 13 - 2013. Publication forthcoming.

  • Hendrik Pieter Scholte: Catalyst in the Secession of 1834, by Gene Heideman, no. 14 - 2014. Publication forthcoming.