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Job Search

There are three strategies to find work, each of which should be used:
(1) Network with contacts to generate leads
(2) Respond to known openings
(3) Identify organizations and inquire about opening

To begin the process, you need to take the following steps:

Develop a initial plan
(1) Decide on the type(s) of work that you seek
(2) Choose a geographic area on which to focus
(3) Assess prior experience and draft a resume

Search for Opportunities
(1) Network with Hope alumni, family, friends of family, and other acquaintances
(2) Search online listings regularly
(3)Search GoinGlobal for listings and career information
(4) Generate a prospect list of organizations in your field of interest

(1) Research each organization of interest
(2) Target your resume and cover letter for each specific position
(3) Upload your resume to JobStop for review; you may also schedule an appointment to review application materials
(4) Send required materials well in advance of deadlines

Follow Up and Interview
(1) Contact each organization to confirm receipt of materials and to set up an in-person or phone interview (if appropriate)
(2) Keep track of your contacts for timely and effective follow up
(3) helps with the job search, keeping notes on interviews, research and track company contacts
(4) Prepare for the interview
(5) Conduct a mock (practice) interview at the Career Development Center

The staff at the Career Development Center are available to help you with all aspects of the job search process. Please call 616-395-7950 to make an appointment.