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Services for Students

The following services are provided by Hope College's Career Development Center:

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Alumni Contacts, see: Networking
Application Letter, see: Cover Letter
Identify your interests, skills, values and personal preferences

Career Advisors
Peer advisors here to help you
Career Counseling
Our staff will provide information, opportunity, and support to students to help them as they develop, evaluate, and implement their career plans
Career Fairs/Job Fairs
Schedule of career and job fairs
Career Library
Books, Information Files, Employment Bulletins, Journals and Periodicals
Career Exploration Resources
Links to occupational and employment information and job listings
Career Resource Network
Speak with alumni in your field of interest
Cover Letter
Accompanied with the resume, this letter personalizes your work experience and skills to the needs of an employer
Credential File

Diversity Resources
Multicultural career resources

Two-week career experience

Feedback Fridays
Practice interviewing with an employer on campus

Graduate/Professional School Planning
Get answers to questions to help you discern if graduate school is for you, application requirements, timetable, and suggestions for financing graduate school

Take on a temporary role in an organization and get real-world work experience
Internship Resume
Interview Preparation
Interviewing - Practice the interview (mock interview)

Job Fairs
Schedule of career and job fairs
Job Opportunities
Job listings, salaries, job fairs, resources and other employment-related information
Job Search Resources (Handouts)
Information on how to prepare job search correspondence, prepare for an interview and manage an effective job search process

Letters, see: Cover Letter, Thank You Letter and Letter of Recommendation
Learn how to request a letter in support of your abilities from faculty and employers
Library, see: Career Library

Majors at Hope
Links to major information, Hope's academic major listing and domestic off-campus study program
What Can I do with this Hope College Major?
Links to Adobe Acrobat printer friendly versions of information about each major
Mock Interview
Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
An assessment used to gain insight into one's personal preferences and may be used to explore career fields which "fit" those preferences

Networking with Hope alumni

Off-Campus Internship Semesters
Links to pages detailing some of the programs available through Hope
On-Campus Recruiting Schedule
Register and interview with a number of visiting organizations

Professional/Graduate School Planning
Get answers to questions to help you discern if graduate school is for you, application requirements, timetable, and suggestions for financing graduate school

Recruiting Schedule: see JobStop for schedule of on-campus interviews
Research Opportunities
Available through many of Hope's academic departments
Introduce and market yourself to prospective employers

An assessment used to help you identify your top 5 talent themes
Strong Interest Inventory
An assessment used to help you understand your interests and to consider specific careers
Summer Jobs
Listings on JobStop

Tests, see: Assessments
Thank You Letter
Express your appreciation for the interview
Teacher's Credential File
Placement file of student teacher evaluations and letters of recommendation that are sent to potential employers

What Can I Do With a Major In..?
Links that will provide insight on the career options you have with your major