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Hope College Teacher Candidates

If you would like to receive resumes or specific information on teacher candidates, please email us ( or call our office.

Hope College has teachers certified in the following areas:

Elementary Education

English (BA)
Fine Arts (OX)
Language Arts (BX)
Science (DI) (DX)
Social Studies (RX)
Spanish (FF)

Secondary Education

Biology (DA)
Chemistry (DC)
Earth Science/Geology (DH)
English (MH)
French (FA)
Health (MA) minor
History (CC)
Latin (FD)
Mathematics (EX)
Physics (DE)
Political Science (CD)
Psychology (CE) minor
Religion (PR) minor
Social Studies (RX)
Spanish (FF)

Special Education Learning Disabilities (SM)
Emotionally Impairments (SE)
K-12 Art Education (LQ)
Dance (MH)
Music Education (JQ)
Physical Education (MB)