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Student Development Staff

Dean of Students Office
Dr. Richard Frost
Vice President, Dean of Students
Dr. John Jobson, Associate Dean of Students
Sara Duhr, Sexual Harassment Policy Educator
Julie Dalman, Assistant to the Vice President and Dean of Students

Student Life
Ellen Awad
Director of Student Life
Chris Bohle
Associate Director of Student Life
Katie Vallentine, Coordinator of Student Life

Disability Services
Louise Shumaker
Director of Disability Services and Non-Traditional Students

Counseling & Psychological Services
Dr. Kristen Gray, Assistant Dean, Director of Counseling & Psychological Services, and the Health Center
Dr. William Russner, Clinical Coordinator, Counselor
Daryn Rahardja Rogers, Counselor
Rick Dernberger, Counselor
Denise DeJonge, Counselor
Kendra Lindberg, Counselor
Jody Sheldon, Assistant to Counseling & Psychological Services

Health Center
Cindy Sabo, Director
Carolyn Mossing, Phyisican Assistant
Carol Ray, Office Assistant to the Health Cente

Career Development Center
Dale Austin, Director
Sarah McCoy , Program Director
Jena Szatkowski , Assistant Director
Megan Fisher, Career Counselor - Networking
Amy Freehafer , Career Counselor
Shannon Schans, StrengthsQuest Educator
Libby Bocks, Assistant to the Career Development Center

Residential Life
Kristyn Bochniak , Director of Residential Life and Education
Cindy Vogelzang, Assistant to Residential Life and Housing, Disability Student Services

Residential Life Staff
Liz Kubias(Cook)
Patrick Weisgerber (Kollen)
Christine McCall (Dykstra)
Dee Campanella (College East Apts)
Mary Cantor (Cottages)
Kyle VanEerden(Durfee)
Mary Cantor (Gilmore)
Anne Chanski (Phelps)
Jessenia Martinez-Olmeda (Scott)
Alison Schantz (Voorhees)
Erin Mouw(Wyckoff)
Kendra DeLoof(Van Vleck)
Matt Hughes(Lichty)

Neighborhood Coordinators
Hope Hancock(Downtown Apts)
Matt Baxter (South Campus Apts)
Zachary Makowski (Centennial)
Joseph DeVinney (North Dow)
Jessica White (South Dow)
Jared Bollaert (East Green)
Alexandria Hutchinson (West Green)
Kaitlan Manning (South Lincoln)
Jason Wojtylko (North Lincoln)
Grace Bergt (Columbia)

Student Assistant Resident Directors
Rebecca Brumels (Kollen Hall)
Kylie Boeve (Cook Hall)
Claire Pabst (Dykstra Hall)

Contact us:
Student Development Office
141 East 12th Street
P.O. Box 9000
Holland, MI 49422-9000
Telephone 616-395-7800
Fax 616-395-7183