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Dr. Richard A. Frost
Dean of Students/Vice President

photo of Richard FrostWelcome to the Hope College Student Development Home Page. Student Development is committed to each student and their intellectual, spiritual, and personal development. We seek to provide support, challenge, care, and a creative environment where students can explore and become all they can be.

Student Development is made up of twelve departments, which are each, committed to the development of the whole student. Different strategies to assist students will be used by each department with each one grounded in the mission of the College and the pursuit of excellence. A major focus of this process is the commitment to develop relationships based on respect and dignity for each individual regardless of background, race, creed, or color.

Our expectations for students is that they will be committed to becoming all that God intended them to be, establishing relationships which respect differences, engaging in intellectually challenging activities, and being accountable for their decisions. The College places a high value on student involvement and looks forward to meaningful interactions.

The purpose and passion of the Student Development Division of Hope College is the development of convenantal relationships where the mind, body, and spirit can pursue excellence.