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A Note from the Dean

As the Dean of Students, I have high expectations of Hope College students. I have outlined below the expectations that I support, encourage, teach, and hope each one of you achieve.

Mind - Academic Scholarship

  • College is different then high school- sit in the front row, attend class
  • Faculty expect more reading, writing, and commitment
  • Study your syllabus and create a master schedule for semester
  • Go and see each one of your faculty during the semester and your FYS/advisor regularly
  • If you have questions ask
  • Follow up on feedback


  • Make good decisions about diet, exercise, and sleep
  • Make informed and responsible decisions within the context of the faith with respect to alcohol and sexuality
  • Accept yourself with all your glories and potentials

Spirit - Christian Faith

  • Be involved in your Christian faith
  • Stay connected to your home church
  • Explore and become involved in chapel, bible studies, student groups, Gathering
  • Find and attend a local church
  • Reflect Christian love and support for others
  • Give thanks


  • Find a place to serve on the College or within the Holland community
  • Seek to understand people who are different and develop a diverse group of friends
  • Say what you mean and do what you say
  • Be responsible and accountable for your behavior
  • Expect and hold others accountable to community expectations
  • Work to develop a meaningful relationship with parents, guardians, and/or family members


So what does all this mean? In short it means:

I expect and encourage your best effort to be your first effort!