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Awarness Week of Years Past

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To celebrate the 20th anniversary for Disability Awareness Week at Hope College, Ken Medema, gifted musician, composer and songwriter is returning to share his songs, stories, and improvisational skills. He was the featured performer at our first Disability Awareness Week in 1988. Ken, who has been blind since birth, began playing the piano at age five and has said, “Music became my second language.” Ken puts a different spin on the notion that losing one sense enhances another, connecting his lost physical sight to a deeper insight. Described as a sensational performer, “his comedic and satirical skills, coupled with his compelling songs, poems and stories, evoke both laughter and tears from his audience.

The Grand Rapids Pacers Wheelchair Basketball Team chalenged Geln VanWieren's Hope College basketball players in a lively game of basketball. The Hope players occupied athletic chairs with brief instrustions in techniques and rule changes. This was a fun and exciting event that all enjoyed.

Many of us find ourselves struggling to understand this condition. We are concerened how best to accommodate thoes in our lives who have ADD. The event, presented by Jean Lindell and Rick Dernberger of the Counseling Center, helped to bridge this gap for many of us.


This event, co-sponsored by the Counseling Center, was a night for all dog lovers interested in the working dog's role in the lives of people with disabilities. This event was lively with the best and the brightes in the dog world, as therapy dogs, service dgs, and dog guides and their owners/handlers talk about their experiences with their canine companions. There were even several puppies-in-training preparing for their upcoming careers.