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Louise Shumaker
Louise is a Hope College graduate and received her masters’ degree from Western Michigan University. As a Disability Specialist she has been overseeing accommodations for individuals with disabilities at Hope, as well as promoting awareness and overseeing accessibility on the campus since 1987.

Louise Shumaker

Cindy Vogelzang
Support Staff
Cindy has been working in the Student Development office for ten years. Along with working with Disability Services she handles the housing of Hope students. Cindy enjoys meeting and working with all the students at Hope College.


Cindy Vogelzang
Kathryn Ristau
Kathryn has been a student assistant in the Office of Disability Services since January 2010. As a sophomore, she is pursuing her major in Chemistry and a minor in Sociology. She hopes to have a career as a forensic scientist.

Franklin is a dog guide and was partnered with Louise in July of 2009 at the Leader Dog school in Rochester Michigan.
Harry relaxing on the floor