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E. Louise Shumaker MA DS
Disability Specialist
Director of Disability Services
Phone: (616) 395-7805
E-mail: shumaker@hope.edu

Our Mission

The Office of Disability Services is committed to providing opportunities for students with disabilities to reach their full potential.  We offer assistance to all students with disabilities (temporary and permanent) both in the classroom and day-to-day life on campus. We strive to equip these students with skills, which will promote independent living after they leave our academic environment and pursue careers anywhere in the world.

Who is Eligible

Any member of the Hope College community who has an impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities may seek assistance from this office.

Goals and Objectives

It is the goal of Hope College to provide an all-inclusive and accepting environment for all persons on the campus.  The Office of Disability Services seeks to achieve this in the following ways:
*  By making available emotional and physical support for persons with disabilities and those individuals who interact with them
*  By promoting the removal of physical and architectural barriers
*  By increasing awareness through informational presentations about life with disabilities
*  By educating the campus community through events, such as Disability Awareness Week, in which persons are given opportunities to learn about and simulate life with disabilities

College Funding


Services Provided

*  Housing Accommodations
*  Priority Snow Removal
*  Reserved Parking
*  Emergency Evacuation Procedures
*  Advocacy for Campus Accessibility
*  Liaison and Advocate with Rehabilitation Counselors
*  Liaison and Advocate with Professors
*  Campus Orientation
*  Priority Registration
*  Adaptive Physical Education
*  Interpreters
*  Academic Support (Provided by the Academic Support Center)
      -  Note takers
      -  Readers
      -  Tutors
      -  Testing Accommodations
*  Counseling
*  Support Groups
*  ADD Coaching
Guidelines for Service Animals
Guideline for Emotional Support Animals

Disability Indicators

Some individuals may not think of themselves as having a disability, but have a need for accommodations. You may be eligible for and in need of services if you:
*  Have limited endurance for walking or difficulty climbing stairs
*  Have a medical condition that causes fatigue
*  Have a medical or psychological condition that causes difficulty concentrating
*  Take medication that causes fatigue or difficulty concentrating
*  Have a medical or psychological condition that would impact your class performance
*  Have a medical or psychological condition that would result in absences from class at times
*  Have a medical or psychological condition that makes it difficult for you to share a residence hall room with a roommate

Temporarily Disabled

Persons, who have been injured or are experiencing an illness and find they need some accommodations in order to function on the Hope campus, should contact our office for services that may be available.

Disability Resource Room

The VanWylen Library features a well-equipped center of technological and instructional aids for students with visual or print impairments.  Included in the center is a computer station featuring a Kurzwell scanning program, Jaws screen reader and a Braille embosser. Other equipment includes an electronic magnifier, tape recorders and a Braille writer.
Students wishing to access the center should contact the Office of Disability Services at 616 395-7805.

Related Services

The Office of Disability Services works closely with:

* Academic Support Center
* Health Clinic
* Counseling Center