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3-Player Basketball Rules

Maximum players: 3
Minimum players: 2

1. The games shall be 20 minutes running time in length with stopped clock during the last two minutes on dead balls. The clock will stop during time outs.
If the game ends in a tie score, a three-minute running time overtime period will be played with stopped clock during the last two minutes on dead balls. If still tied, repeat another overtime period until the tie is broken.

2. The team winning the coin toss at the start of the game shall put the ball in play at the start of the game or reserve the honor for use in the event of an overtime.

3. One time out per team of one minute in length is allowed only during the game. A team must be in possession to call a time out. There are no time outs during the overtime.

4. Teams not ready to play at the assigned time shall lose their time out. Teams not ready to play within ten minutes of the assigned time will forfeit.

5. The play-in-spot will be the area outside the three point shooting line. Any ball being brought in from the play-in-spot must be passed in before a shot can be taken.

6. All out-of-bounds balls must be put into play from the play-in-spot (outside the three point shooting line but inside the court boundary line).

7. Each change of possession must be taken to the play-in-spot.

8. Each ball must be checked anytime it is being brought in from the play-in-spot.

9. Substitutions must be made only during the time when a dead ball is being put in play from the play-in-spot.

10. Jump balls will be handled by alternately putting the ball in play at the play-in-spot.

11. Personal fouls are called by the players of either team. Six fouls disqualifies a player for the remainder of the game.

12. There is no foul shooting before the last two minutes of the game, therefore, the following four types of fouls committed during a game shall be penalized as follows:

A. PERSONAL FOULS: Prior to the game, captains must agree on the number of fouls for disqualification or the default number of fouls to disqualify will be six. The captains must tell the supervisor.

1) Against a shooter who:
a. Makes the shot--count the basket plus ball possession to the opponent at play-in-spot;
b. Misses the shot--ball possession to shooter at play-in-spot.

2) Against a non-shooter: Ball is awarded to the offended team at the play-in-spot

3) During the last two minutes of the game and on the last two minutes of an overtime period, all fouls will be one and one, only if no points were scored on the foul.

1) There is a foul only when the player is in bounds or

2) The player is in possession of the ball

3) Flagrant Foul (a fight or mean-spirited foul):Automatic two points plus ball possession to the offended player's team. The offender is ejected from the game and isautomatically out of the next three-player game on the schedule of play. Also, see IM Rule #33 on page 12 for further penalty, if merited.

13. PROTESTS: All protests must be made in writing and presented to the Dow 3office according to IM Protest Rules #38-41 in the IM Handbook, pages 12-13.

14. PARTICIPATION RULES: All teams are expected to follow IM Rules #25-30 which means that the team must be dressed and ready to play (lineup properly recorded) at game time.

15. SPORTSMANSHIP RULES: IM Rule #36 will be strictly enforced. Rosters will be checked regularly. Unsportsmanlike action will NOT be tolerated!

One NO SHOW, or two forfeits, will put your team on probation. Once on probation, either one additional no show or one forfeit will remove your team from competition.

Gym space is limited, so rescheduling games may be difficult. You must contact Kristen Morrison(x7956) AT LEAST 48 hours prior to your scheduled game to see if rescheduling will be allowed, time and space permitting.

Additional players may be added UP TO game time on the day of your scheduled event in order to play that day. Roster addition forms are in the Dow Center main office or email me at the IM website.