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3 Point Shootout Rules

1. Teams consist of two players (MM or FF or MF)
2. Players each will take a turn shooting while their partner rebounds for them.

3. The number of baskets made by the two shooters will be added to form a team score.
4. Team scores from each division on the first evening of shooting will be averaged to determine the cut off score.
5. Teams who have shot above their respective cut off score will shoot again the next evening to determine the IM Champion in their division. Top score wins.

6. First player stands on top behind the 3 point line. On the signal "shooter ready- go", the first player scores as many baskets as he/she can in one minute while standing in the same place.
7. When time is up and the ball has already been released it will count if the shot is good.
8. The time will start for the second shooter when the shooter is ready.
9. If a shooter shoots with his/her foot touching or over the 3 point line prior to the shot, that basket if made will not count.