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Coed Softball Rules

Maximum = 10 players
Minimum = 7 players

1. Each game will consist of seven innings or be terminated after 1 hour, whichever occurs first. In any game that is terminated by the end of 1 hour, the score reverts back to the last completed inning.

2. Six full innings (5 1/2 innings if the home team is ahead) constitutes a game whenever rain starts or darkness falls after the game is underway. The IM supervisor will decide when the game will be stopped.

3. The IM supervisor will stand close to home plate and will keep the line-up and batting order, keep track of the number of runs for both teams, and act as an arbitrator if one or both teams ask for a decision over a disputed call.

4. The pitcher pitches to his/her own team. The pitch will be made to best suit the batter. You may keep the same pitcher the entire game. If you do so, the pitcher would not bat.

5. No stealing is allowed. Runners may leave the base when the pitch is hit. He/she will return to the base as the ball is being returned to the pitcher by the catcher. If the runner is off the base before the pitch passes the plate, the runner is out and no pitch is declared.

6. Each batter gets two pitches to hit one. If a second pitch is needed and he/she fouls it, misses it, takes it, flies out or is thrown out, he/she is out.

7. The pitcher tossing the ball to his/her teammates does not field the batted ball. If he/she interferes with the ball,the batter is out.

8. If any thrown ball goes out of the fence, the runner(s) or batter-runner being played upon is awarded the base he/she was advancing toward plus one base. Any number of bases may be run if the ball stays in the field of play.

9. If a 15-run difference occurs during a contest, thetrailing team has batted through their order once, and a minimum of two innings has been played unless the home team is ahead after 1 1/2 innings, the game will be stopped and considered acomplete game.

10. The ball becomes dead after each pitch or completed play. Thus, pick off attempts by the catcher are not allowed.

11. At least three outfielders must remain behind the outfield arc (160 ft. from home plate) until the ball is struck. If there is a fourth outfielder, he/she must decide to either remain behind the arc or stay on the infield dirt. No fielder is
allowed between the edge of the infield dirt and outfield arc.

12. A fielder may take the place of the pitcher (since the pitcher is not a true fielder because he/she is on the batting team) behind second base but not directly behind the pitcher.

1. No bunting allowed.

2. A batter is liable to ejection from the game and an out charged to his/her team if he/she lets the bat slip from his/her hands more than once or throws his/her bat intentionally.

3. Men and women must bat throughout the order. If an equal number of men and women is not attainable for a team, that team mayuse an unequal number provided that the number of men-to-women, or women-to-men, is only one off of equal (ie, five men and four women,but not five men and three women), however, alternation must still remain. An easy way to remember the batting order in such a case, is to picture the order as two separate wheels -- one for each sex.The men always stay in order on their wheel and the women stay in orderon their wheel, and the two mesh to make the alternate batting order.
Simply put, remember the person of the same sex who bats before you.

4. Batting out of order:
a. If the error is discovered while the incorrect batter is at bat, the correct batter may take his/her place and assume the correct batting order.
b. If the error is discovered after the incorrect batterhas completed his/her turn at bat and before there has been a pitch to another batter, the player who should have batted is out. Any runs scored are canceled and base runners must return to the bases occupied when the incorrect batter took his/her position in the batter's box. The next batter is the player whose name follows that of the player called out for failing to bat. If the batter declared out under these circumstances makes the third out of the inning, the correct batter in the next inning shall be the player who would have come to bat had the players been put out by ordinary play.

6. Batters may not step out of the batter's box to hit a bad pitch.

1. The pitcher must begin pitching with both feet on the mound (located 43 feet from home plate). The pitcher may not take more than one step which must be forward, toward the batter, and simultaneous with the delivery of the ball to thebatter.

2. If the pitcher is hit by a batted ball, the batter is automatically out.

3. Pitches must cross the plate on the fly, no bounces allowed.


1. A fielder is liable to ejection from the game at the IM supervisor's discretion if the fielder is intentionallyfielding a ball in his/her teammate's area.

2. Base runners are responsible for avoiding all collisions with fielders any time the fielder is making a play on the ball (fielding the ball, throwing or catching a thrown ball). If the base runner does not avoid the collision, they are declared out and liable to ejection at the IM supervisor's discretion.


1. Protests - All protests must be made in writing and presented to the Dow office according to IM Protest Rules #38-41 in the IM Handbook.

2. Participation Rules - All teams are expected to follow IM rules #25-30, which means that the team must be dressed and ready to play (line up properly recorded) at game time. No metal spikes will be allowed.

3. Sportsmanship Rules - IM rule #36 will be strictly enforced. Rosters will be checked regularly. Fighting or any other unsportsmanlike action will NOT be tolerated!

4. Check the IM Hotline (x7888) or the IM website to learn of cancellations due to rain.

5. Additional players may be added UP TO game time on the day of your scheduled event. Roster additions forms are in the Dow Center main office, the IM Office, and on the IM website to ( Kristen Morrison or Dr. Irwin may be contacted at (x7956)