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Coed Indoor Soccer Rules

Maximum = 5 players
Minimum = 4 Players

1. The basic rules of soccer set forth in the NCAA Rule book will be used (no hand balls, pushing, etc.).

a. Exception - There will be no offside rule.

2. Rules specific to our gym:

a. The teams must have an equal number of males and females on the floor or only one off from equal. (e.g. You can have 2 men and 3 women or vice versa, but not 2 men and 4 women.)

b. No black-soled shoes allowed in gym.

c. The ball must enter the goal to score. Balls that bounce off the wall before entering the goal are permitted. Balls that come to rest behind the goal will be put into play with a defense kick at the edge of the arc if last kicked by offense. A corner kick will be awarded if last touched or kicked by defense.

d. Balls hitting the running track overhang or the nets above the overhang will be out of bounds even on corner kicks. Also, balls hitting curtains or any other object hanging over the court will be out of play. An indirect free kick will result.

3. Time and player specification:

a. 25 minute game - running time. A game will ALWAYS end on the hour or half-hour regardless of score or starting time. Teams will always change ends on the quarter-hour.

b. A maximum of five players will play for a team at one time. You must have a minimum of four players on the floor or a forfeit will be called.

c. No time outs may be called.

d. Forfeit time is ten minutes past scheduled game time.

e. Substitutes may be made at any time provided they do not take advantage of the situation.

4. Intentional or blatant fouls will result in immediate dismissal from the game.

5. Tie breaker-Occur only in playoffs A 5 minute sudden death overtime period. If the tie still remains,then a series of penalty kicks occur. Each team will get three penaltykicks alternating kicks between teams. Each goal scored counts towards finalscore. All penalty kicks will be be taken eight paces out from the goal line.A second series of penalty kicks will be given if still a tie, etc.

6. No slide tackles.

7. PROTEST: All protests must be made in writing and presented to Dr. Anne Irwin according to IM Protest Rules #38-41 in the IM Handbook.

8. PARTICIPATION RULES: All teams are expected to follow IM Rules #25-30 which means that the team must be dressed and ready to play (lineup properly recorded) at game time.

9. SPORTSMANSHIP RULES: IM Rule #36 will be strictly enforced. Rosters will be checked regularly. Unsportsmanlike action will NOT be tolerated.

  • One NO SHOW will put your team on probation. Once on probation, either one additional no show or one forfeit will remove your team from competition.
  • Additional players may be added UP TO game time on the day of your scheduled game in order to plat that same day. Additions may be madeonline at the IM website to or forms may be filled out in the Dow Front office.
  • NO phoned-in additions will be accepted.