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Softball Rules

Maximum: 10 players
Minimum: 7 players

1. A game will consist of seven innings or be terminated after 1 hour, whichever occurs first. In any game that is terminated by the end of 1 hour, the score reverts back to the last completed inning.

2. A catcher's mask must always be worn by the catcher during the time the pitcher delivers the ball and the batter swings.

3. The captains of the two teams will call safe or out. There will be no ball or strike count, but the batter will be out if he hits foul on the third time on the third strike.

4. The IM supervisor will stand close to home plate and will keep the line-up and batting order, keep track of the number of runs for both teams, and act as an arbitrator if one or both teams ask for a decision over a disputed call.

5. The pitcher pitches to his own team. Each batter gets three pitches to hit one. If a third pitch is needed and he fouls it, misses it, takes it, flies out or is thrown out, he is out. The pitcher tossing the ball to his teammates does not field the batted ball. If he interferes with the ball, the batter is out.

6. Runners cannot steal base. The runner cannot leave base until the ball is hit by the batter.

7. A batter may be ejected from the game and an out charged to his team if he lets the bat slip and fly from his hands more than once or throws the bat intentionally.

8. No metal cleats on shoes. We will allow rubber treads or spikes, or plastic spikes.

9. A protest must be made at the time an incident occurs. The protest must be made to the IM supervisor. Judgement calls (such as whether a runner is safe or out) are not a basis for protests.

10. When a runner is hit by a batted ball while advancing bases, the runner is out.

11. Teams should consist of ten players, however, they may play with fewer but must have a minimum of seven players to start a game. A fielder may be placed behind the other team's pitcher on the infield directly behind second base, making up 10 players in the field -- four in the outfield and six in the infield including the catcher.

12. A foul ball that goes in the air above the batter's head and is caught by an opponent before it hits the ground is considered an out. A line drive caught in foul territory by a fielder other than the catcher, prior to its hitting the ground, is an out whether or not it has gone above the batter's head.

13. All players on the roster will bat in the sign-up order, whether they are in the field or not.

14. Substitutions and re-entries on defense are both allowed.

15. Batting out of correct order is an appeal play and, if discovered and appealed, the opposing team must report it to the IM supervisor before the next pitch. An out is then assessed if the batting team is found out of order.

16. Any time the ball goes out of play (beyond the fence) because of an overthrow, all runners automatically get one additional base (besides the one they are going to) without liability of being put out.

17. The pitcher shall take a position with a foot firmly on the ground and in contact with, but not off the side of, the pitcher's plate.

18. The ball must be delivered at a moderate speed underhand below the hip with a perceptible arch (from the time it leaves the pitcher's hand) of at least three feet, before the ball reaches home plate.

19. Sliding is allowed at all bases. At home plate, a catcher must field a throw out of the base path and tag a runner without blocking the plate. If a catcher blocks the plate, the runner is safe and scores.

20. Swearing will not be tolerated. A team will be eliminated from play without further notice.

21. If a 15-run difference occurs during a contest, the trailing team has batted through their order once, and a minimum of three innings has been played unless the home team is ahead after 1 1/2 innings, the game will be stopped and considered a complete game.

22. Four homeruns per team per game are allowed. All homeruns hit after that limit are considered out.

  • One NO SHOW will put your team on probation.
  • Once on probation, either one additional no show or one forfeit will remove your team from competition.
  • Additional players may be added UP TO game time on the day of your scheduled event. Additions may be made online to at the IM website or on a form in the Dow front office. Kristen or Dr. Irwin can also be contacted at (x7956)
  • Rescheduling will occur only on account of rain and only according to field availability once a rainout occurs.