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Emergency Contact Policy

The issue of student safety and wellbeing is very important to the Hope College community. For this reason, we ask that students help us by supplying (and regularly verifying) Emergency Contact Information (ECI).

Hope College will use Emergency Contact Information (ECI) to contact students or other trusted contacts when there is a sudden unforeseen crisis that can cause physical or environmental damage, and requires immediate action.

  • a critical medical situation in which the person's well being is at risk; a serious or life threatening injury, a serious car accident, or a serious illness.
  • a potential threat to the person's safety or security when participating in a College sponsored activity.
  • a serious and threatening situation on campus.

Students are strongly encouraged to enter themselves as an Emergency Contact in order to receive emergency text messages to their cell phones. Additionally, students are encouraged to enter contact information for at least one parent or guardian to be contacted in case of emergency. Finally, students are allowed to share separate contact information for a person they would like contacted should there be a concern about their whereabouts. This may or may not be the same person listed as the Emergency Contact person.

Questions regarding Emergency Contact Information and other student policies can be directed to Richard Frost, Dean of Students or John Jobson, Associate Dean of Students - 616.395.7800.

Emergency Contact Information FAQ

Enter Emergency Contact Information