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Shuttle Service

*The Hope College Shuttle Service is operational during the academic year only (end of August to the end of April).

The Shuttle operates on a route (in orange) that is focused on the core campus which provides for short wait times (approximately 10 minutes) at each stop (blue squares). The Shuttle stops are located at key areas of campus along a route that travels 10th Street to College Avenue to 14th Street to Lincoln Avenue. There will be a jog in the route down Columbia Avenue to 15th Street and back north through the College East parking lot. Please see the Shuttle map.

In addition to the evening shuttle, there will be one shuttle each morning leaving Fairbanks Village at 7:50AM when classes are in session.

The Shuttle will operate from 6:00 pm to 12:00 am Sunday through Thursday nights and from 6:00 pm to 2:00 am on Friday and Saturday nights. Each hour the Shuttle will make five ten-minute loops and then have a stop (orange square) at Campus Safety at ten minutes before every hour. The Shuttle will start the loop again at the top of the hour beginning at 10th Street and Columbia Avenue (Stop 1). The Shuttle will make one loop after visitation hours end at 12 midnight weekdays and 2:00 am on weekends and then shut down for the night. Please see the above Campus Shuttle Route diagram and take note that the Shuttle Stop coincides with the time of the stop.

Students living outside of the core Shuttle route (specifically the IM fields, Fairbanks Cottage, Yellow Duplex, Davis Duplex, and Baker Lofts) will be able to call Campus Safety (616-395-7770) for an officer during the same hours as the Shuttle. Guidelines for this service include no more than one or two students to be picked up at any one time. Three or more students are encouraged to walk together to the nearest Shuttle stop. The Campus Safety Officer will transport the one or two students from their campus residence to their campus destination. Students on campus wishing a ride back to their college residence (outside the core Shuttle route) should walk or take the Shuttle to Campus Safety to meet the officer.

As always, a Campus Safety officer is available to provide escorts for students after the Shuttle ends its service for the night.