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Project Timeline

March 2006

Initial Assessment trip

May 2006

Began health assessment surveys

Health and hygiene teaching began in schools and community

Attempted shallow wells for water sources (unsucessful)

Began BioSand filter construction

December 2006

Continued health assessment surveys

Began testing water filtered from BioSand filters

May 2007

Continued health assessment surveys

Continued health/hygiene education in schools and community

Continued filter construction and water quality testing

Began surveying for water distribution system

May 2008

Continued health assessment surveys

Continued health/hygiene education with new curriculum

Continued filter water quality testing and surveys

Constructed initial diversion dam for water distribution system

May 2009

Final health assessment surveys

Continued health/hygiene education with two new units

Continued filter testing and surveys

Constructed water storage tank for distribution system

Installed water pipeline to two quarters of Nkuv (60% of population)

May 2010

Installed piping to the health center, church, and primary school, as well as another area of houses

Continued filter assessment

Taught additional health lessons to womens' groups in the community

Surveyed several sources to continue the pipeline to Ndzen Dzui

May 2011

Water distribution lines across the bridge and into Ndzen Zui were completed

Repairs were made to the dam (some gabions were damaged)

New side bank filtration unit (SBFU) intake systems were designed and implemented in an attempt to ensure the long lasting sustainability of the intake system

Significant time was spent educating the community on the importance of maintenance and meeting to discuss the important maintenance issues

Assessed filters by doing morning visits to filter owners' homes

Collected microbiology data for running filters

Taught filter maintenance with the help of LWDG-C technicians and translators

May 2012

Monitored all aspects of the completed system.

Continued health education.

Educated community on maintenance of system.

Developed Water Management Committee.

Signed Memorandum of Understanding with community memebers and turned completed system over to the community.