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Fundraising Request for Student Groups

All information is required.
Missing information may result in an unapproved request.

Student Group:
Contact Name: Email: (add
Event Name:
Fundraising for:
If you are fundraising for an external organization or charity, please list organization name:
Describe the purpose of your fundraising event:
Do you plan to solicit donations from local businesses for this fundraising event?
Location of fundraiser:
Date of fundraiser:
Time of fundraiser:
Additional information:

Hope College Policy Regarding Fundraising and Solicitation

  1. All projects must be approved by the Director of Student Life or the Dean of Students and the Advancement Office.
  2. The fundraising request form must be submitted at least five days prior to the event. Upon completion of the event, the student group must complete a project report form at the request of Student Life. Failure to complete and submit the report will result in the loss of future fundraising privileges.
  3. Solicitation will not be allowed door-to-door within residence halls.
  4. Each organization assumes responsibility for the fundraiser which it conducts.
  5. Campus space may only be used for approved fundraising activities sponsored by an academic department or approved student group.
  6. Information may be posted inviting people to a specific location on campus for an approved fundraiser. This space must be reserved through the Events and Conferences Office.
  7. Solicitation of alumni or friends of the College must be approved in advance by the Advancement Office.
  8. Requests to secure corporate sponsorships must be approved in advance by the Advancement Office.

I have read and understand the Hope College fundraising guidelines listed above. Initial here: *required