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Office of Student Life

Expectations for Student Organization Advisors

General Requirements

  • The primary advisor of a student organization must be a member of the college administration, faculty or staff.
  • The advisor must be knowledgeable about college policies, procedures and services that are necessary for the group to function effectively. These include the Risk & Responsibility policy, the Event Management System (room reservations), Transportation Services, Appropriations (budgeting process) and Business Services procedures.
  • The advisor must engage the student leadership and stay informed about group operations, programs and events.


  • The advisor should be willing and able to devote time and energy to the advisor role and should attend scheduled meetings and programs whenever possible.
  • The advisor should be familiar with and educate group members about the constitution of the organization.
  • When the group is preparing for a program or event, the advisor should offer assistance to ensure that students adhere to college policies and procedures and utilize college services.
  • The advisor should approve all reimbursements, payments or payroll for the group through Business Services. The advisor should NOT be expected to sign a reimbursement without valid documentation of the expenses incurred.
  • The advisor should monitor the budget and any organizational spending.
  • The advisor should accompany groups when attending meetings, conferences or other such activities taking place away from campus for more than 24 hours (i.e. any overnight trips). If this is not possible, the advisor should assist the group in finding a suitable college faculty or staff member to take his/her place.


  • The advisor should meet annually with student leadership to clarify expectations—both student expectations for the advisor and the advisor’s expectations for the group.
  • The advisor should receive and review meeting agendas and minutes if applicable.
  • The advisor should meet periodically with the student leadership to be briefed on current events, activities and any organizational issues.
  • The advisor should be available to counsel group members and/or mediate when organizational or interpersonal issues arise.

Leadership Development

    • The advisor should help the group set and evaluate organizational goals on an annual basis.
    • The advisor should guide the selection process for new student leadership if applicable.
    • The advisor should play an active role in the transition from old to new student leadership each year.
    • The advisor should encourage and support student participation in leadership development opportunities offered on campus (i.e. through the Office of Student Life) or off-campus through participation in institutes, conferences, etc.
    • The advisor should provide ongoing challenge and support in an advisory (i.e. not directive) capacity to facilitate growth and development of student leaders.