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Statement of Purpose




Statement of Purpose

The purpose of this sorority shall be to provide an opportunity for friendship and enhance our social relations through demonstration of support and encouragement for both our sisters and others around us, to strengthen and uplift our spiritual well-being through the fellowship of prayer and devotion, and to stimulate and expand our minds through literary meetings.

Letters and their meaning:

Kappa: Intellectual
Delta: Social
Chi: Spiritual

Our colors: Maroon and white, gold is a formal color.
Our flower: The white rose
Our motto: Pledging Honor, Giving Friendship

The Kappa Delta Chi Creed

WE BELIEVE in sincere friendship.

WE BELIEVE in the value of activities which promote social development.

WE BELIEVE in the genuine worth of every individual.

WE BELIEVE in showing kindness and unselfishness to all.

WE BELIEVE in service to others.

WE BELIEVE in the enrichment of the mind.

WE BELIEVE in the self-improvement, realizing that the sorority grows only as each individual member grows.

WE BELIEVE in striving to follow Christian principles as the guide for our lives.

WE, KAPPA DELTA CHI, have founded our sorority on these principles, and we will try to uphold them, both as individuals and as a group.