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Statement of Purpose




Statement of Purpose

The objectives of Knickerbocker are to:

  1. Encourage moral convictions by serving as an example of responsible individuals.   This shall be accomplished by:

    • Valuing the common property of the fraternity and treating others with all due respect and love with regard to their personal feelings and property.

    • Continuing service projects to aid individuals, institutions, and the community.

    • Upholding the objective for which Hope College was founded.

    • Encouraging chapel and church participation and providing organized discussions within the Fraternity on religious and moral issues.

    • Providing an effective orientation so that all new members may be responsible and informed Knickerbockers.

    • Providing a firm constitution and constructive objectives with personal value, which are not offensive, but rather contributory to the development of a fine individual.

  3. Encourage intellectual excellence by maintaining high academic standards and stimulating the intellectual pursuits of the individual members.  This shall be accomplished by:

    • Providing periodic literary meetings to stimulate intellectual challenges.

    • Attending as a Fraternity cultural activities during the college year.

    • Supporting a minimum academic standard for active Members.

    • Honoring those who excel in the academic field by recognizing their achievements.

  5. Encourage social maturity by providing an extended social atmosphere through Fraternity activities.  This shall be accomplished by:

    • Participation in all competitive inter-fraternity or campus functions, at all times striving for excellence.

    • Providing as many social activities throughout the year as possible.
    • Participating in all sports events, supporting our teams at all times.

    • Providing a suitable Rushing Program during which a Rushee may realize the obligations and benefits of Knickerbocker.

    • Undertaking together as many activities as possible throughout the year.


            These are the objectives of Knickerbocker and the means for achieving them.  By indicating a desire to be a Knickerbocker, one also indicates a desire to fulfill, to the utmost of his ability, these objectives, so that everything that is done within the Fraternity is done with these objectives in mind.  One shall consider himself honor bound as far as possible to promote the interests of the Fraternity and to perform such work as shall be assigned to him.  This is essential, for it is the foundation upon which Knickerbocker was founded and from which Knickerbocker will continue to grow.