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Greek Lingo

Active: an initiated member of a sorority or fraternity
Bid: a formal invitation to a rushee from an organization to join
Dues: money active members pay each semester to the organization to which they belong
Final tea: the last closed event for Women's Formal Rush
Fraternity: group of men who belong to the same letter organization
Greek Orientation: an educational period when new members learn about the organization
Formal rush: opportunity for students to acquaint themselves with the members and the programs of 16 Greek organizations.
Interfraternity Council (IFC): a representative governing body of all men's fraternities on a college campus.
Local Greek Organizations: Hope's 14 local Greek organizations are coordinated and overseen by Hope College, not national Greek letter chapters
National Greek Organizations: Hope's 2 National Greek Organizations who are recognized student organizations of Hope College and are overseen by Hope College and their National Headquarters.
New Member: a student who has completed all requirements and accepted a bid
Panhellenic Council (Panhel): a representative governing body of all women's sororities.
Philanthropy: charity event or project hosted by a sorority or fraternity for the betterment of community relations
Silent Period: the period of time between the end of last rush event and the turning in of acceptances.
Sister/Brother: a term used by members of a sorority/fraternity when referring to each other.
Sorority: group of women who belong to the same letter organization.