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History of Prometheans

Back in 1996, a group of tightly knit men from Voorhees Hall shared a common bond of academic strength and brotherhood. A combination of Hope and international students, these 16 men required a minimum 3.0 GPA in order to receive a bid, “not because grades are an absolute measure of success, but because strength of character is what enables a strong mind to realize results.” Unfortunately, in 2002, the Prometheans had to close the chapter due to dwindling numbers on campus.

But ten years later, in May of 2012, the chapter of Alpha Kappa Pi was reopened. The brothers of Wyckoff Hall chose to take their bond to another level and create a fraternity. After given the honor to reopen the Promethean chapter at Hope, a few changes were made to the Constitution, including making the GPA requirement a 2.75, increased community service hours, and an important faith aspect. Referred to as a brotherhood through fellowship, the second round of Prometheans were confirmed on May 1st, 2012 as the newest fraternity to Hope’s campus.  Being one of the youngest and newest fraternities on campus, the brothers of Alpha Kappa Pi are looking forward to making history of their own, leaving a unique mark on the Hope community.