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Once upon a time in the land of windmills and wooden shoes, later to be identified on the maps as Holland, Michigan, there was established an institution for the intellectuals, then known as Hope Academy; Hannah Hoelcje, a student of this famed institution, came to the profound conclusion that the academy needed a little bit more social activity... and a little bit more.

After many sleepless nights, Hannah came up with a plan to remedy the situation. Her plan became known as the Sorosis Society. The women in Hope Academy described the idea and ideals of the Sorosis Society as a boon to the female Hopeites.

Thus, it was in that small town of Holland, MI., that the birth of the famed, revered, and cherished Sorosis Society, more formally called Sigma Sigma, occurred with Hannah as the first president and "Strength and Honor" as the immortal motto.

In order to maintain the social must of "male-eminence", the oldest fraternity on campus adopted the Sorosis Society, the oldest sorority on Campus as their sisters. This friendly status has been maintained ever since - in individual cases it has often gone far beyond the circle of mere friendship.

After four years at Hope Academy, Hannah Hoelcje did not forget about Sigma Sigma, nor did any of the other Sorosite Alumnae, but continued to support her cherished society financially and spiritually. Thus, as the Sigma Sigmas graduated from Hope and as new students became part of the society, the friendship circle grew and grew...and they lived happily ever after.

The Minerva Literary Society was founded by a group of women. It was named Minerva for the Greek Goddess of strength and wisdom.

The women of the Minerva Literary Society founded the Sorosis Society. The first executive board was:
President: MHSA Elizabeth Grotemat
Vice President: MHSA Estelle Kollen
Secretary: MHSA Nina B. Coggeshall
Treasurer: MHSA Anna Huizenga

The name Sigma Sigma was adopted, becoming the more common name as time went on. Sigma Sigma means Wisdom Wisdom. Our motto is Strength and Honor.

Quote in the Anchor:
"Although Sorosis is but a newly organized society, it is already strong and in flourishing condition."

The Fraternal Society, our brothers, formally befriended us. Omicron Kappa Epsilon, OKE, founded in 1834, has the motto The Few and The Chosen.

The "Peter Pan" play made $1,050 which bought the rug in the old Sorority room in Dykstra and The Seated Woman in DeWitt lobby.

Letter of Admiration from Rich Devos

Quote in the Anchor: "'Sigmas are aggressive, sure of themselves and have distinguished themselves on campus.' Isla VanEenenaam '24 said. 'Sigmas are strong women.'"