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Statement of Purpose




Statement of Purpose

The purpose of the Sigma Sigma Sorority shall be to create an environment that fosters friendship; to provide an opportunity for social and cultural growth amongst its members; and to bring a group of diverse individuals together in a positive and supportive atmosphere.


Formal Colors: Gold and White

Informal Colors: Red and White

Jewel: Pearl

Flower: Yellow Rose

Brother Fraternity: Fraternal Society

Sigma Sigma: Wisdom Wisdom

Motto: Strength and Honor

Minerva: greek goddess of wisdom and strength

"Heathcoat": unity...unity...unity


To be ever mindful of strength, service, and loyalty, the requisites of true womanhood.

To endeavor to seek the highest and strive for the best

To let sympathy and unselfishness dominate my actions toward all

To cherish the friendship that binds us together as the most precious gift of life.

To strive to be broad minded and fair

To allow my friendships to follow far beyond the circle of Sigma Sigma

To let my life be lived not for self, but for others.

To believe in the possibility of self-development

To believe in myself and to believe in others

To believe in a strong body, a keen mind, a pure heart

To believe in simplicity of manner, strength of purpose, and in beauty of character.