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Gungor, the Brilliance, and the Hope College Chapel Band


Gungor, the Brilliance, and the Hope College Chapel Band are in concert together on January 10, 2015 at 8:30PM in Dimnent Chapel.  Tickets are on sale now at


Tickets may be purchased at the door as well.


UPDATE: Despite the recent snowstorms, the groups are still performing. They've arrived in Holland, MI and can't wait to share in this experience with you!


Gungor and the Brilliance have proven themselves to be masters of art, music, and beauty.  In this concert, Michael Gungor (of Gungor), David Gungor (brother of Michael and part of the Brilliance), and members of the Hope College Chapel Band come together in a creative process that will illuminate your love of music and creativity. Hope College students will also participate in a Master Class with the Brilliance in preparation for this evening.

Theologically and musically complex, the artists capture the essence of rich and beautiful music.  Instrumentation features a variety of typical contemporary voices such as piano, drums, and guitar but will also feature an eclectic blend of cellos, violins, and auxiliary percussion.

We don’t have to look far to find the results of what happens when filters are removed and people create what they think they want to create. Most often, it’s chaos.


It takes the truly gifted artist, at the exact moment when personal uncertainty is as its peak, to reach within and draw out music both noticeably free from constraints and laser-like in its focus.


Michael Gungor, through the musical collective known simply as Gungor, has achieved just such a work. Setting aside his reliance on what he called “metaphysical constructs I’d known all my life,” Gungor has tapped his considerable musical reserves for a song set simultaneously revelatory in its lyrical content, ambitious in its sonic scope and compelling in its approachability.


Finally given the opportunity to self-identify, Gungor uses his skills as an accomplished multi- instrumentalist, arranger and producer to kick off a journey of stories told, some personal, some allegorical, but all honest and forthright.

Michael shares vocalizations in Gungor with wife Lisa, and together they interact, counter-play and underscore each song’s arc with precision and versatility.


In this age of musical homogeneity, such diversity might be a danger sign. But Gungor’s deft manipulation of such moments piques interest not only in the immediacy of an individual song, but throughout listening experience as a whole. That variety is most assuredly on purpose.


Prices for students, faculty/staff, and community are $10, $15, $25 respectively.

Groups of 15+ community members may purchase tickets for $15 per person.


This concert is sponsored by SAC and the Hope College Concert Series.


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