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Managing your Student Group's Website

The first step to updating your student group's website is to contact the Office of Student Life (x7942). Wilma Hart will give you access to your group's website/blog by sending you an email invitation to post information and maintain your site.

Once the invitation is accepted and you have registered (see "Create a Google Account" below), you may post to the group's blog page at any time. The blog page will be your group's home page, unless otherwise requested, and will be the only page on the website that you can edit. Requests to change or update other pages on your website, i.e. the About Us or Contact Us pages, should be directed to CIT by calling x7670 or emailing

To post to your website's main page, i.e. the blog page, you will need a Google account that matches your 1HOPE account. This IS NOT your 1HOPE account but a duplicate outside the 1HOPE environment.

Although you may already have a Google account, this duplicate of your 1HOPE account will be your unique and official access to your group's blog/website. It will be separate from any personal Google accounts you may have.


  1. Open Internet Explorer.
  2. Go to:
  3. Using your 1HOPE email address, complete the questions as requested. You may duplicate your 1HOPE email password, but Google may ask for a stronger password. We suggest changing your password if necessary.
  4. Example:
    blogger screen shot
  5. Click "I accept. Create my account."


  1. Open Internet Explorer.
  2. Go to:
  3. Sign in...
  4. Username (email):
  5. Password: password you selected
  6. You will arrive at the Blogger Dashboard.
  7. Select the blog to which you want to post.
  8. Select "new post."
  9. Provide a title (this will show up on the website).
  10. Compose your post.
  11. If desired, post photos, videos or documents by clicking on the tool bar icons provided.
  12. You may post forms, surveys and polls with the help of Google forms accessible via Google Docs. Google Docs may be accessed through your regular 1HOPE account by selecting "new form." Once a form is complete, embed the code generated into the HTML of your blog.
  13. If you need assistance, please contact the CIT Help Desk at 7670.