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Title Author
A Credible Witness: Reflections on Power, Evangelism, and Race Brenda Salter McNeil
America Beyond Black and White Ronald Fernandez
Being Latino in Christ Orlando Crespo
Beyond Black and White Manning Marabel
Black Like Me John Howard Griffin
Bridging the Diversity Gap Alvin Sanders
Boy Kings of Texas Domingo Martinez
Courageous Conversations About Race Editors: Glenn E. Singleton; Curtis W. Linton
Crucial Conversations Kerry Patterson, Joseph Grenny, Ron McMillan, and Al Switzler
Divided by Faith Michael O. Emerson; Christian Smith
Enrique's Journey Sonia Nazario
If I Die in Juarez (Camino del Sol) Stella Pope Duarte
Mi Voz, Mi Vida: Latino College Students Tell Their Life Stories Editors: Andrew Garrod, Robert Kilkenny, Christina Gomez
The New Jim Crow Michelle Alexander
The Reconciliation of Peoples: Challenge to the Churches Editor: Gregory Baum; Series Editor: Harold Wells
Undocumented Latino College Students William Perez
Salsa: A Taste of Hispanic Culture Rafael Falcon
Which Way Home (Documentary) Rebecca Cammisa
Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria Beverly Daniel Tatum
Writing through Revelations, Visions, and Dreams Stella Pope Duarte
Neither Jew nor Gentile George Allan Yancey
Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome Joy DeGruy Leary