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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the OME do at Hope College?

We provide opportunities for all constituents to increase their knowledge, understanding, and appreciation for diversity and inclusion.


Where are you located?

Our offices are located in the First Floor of the Martha Miller Center on Hope's campus.


What resources do you offer for students of color at Hope College?

The OME serves as a haven of support and advocacy at every level for students of color. We serve as a "home away from home."


Does the OME only serve students of color at Hope College?

No. Quite the opposite. We seek to serve all members of the Hope College Community.


How do I become "Culturally Compentent"?

Becoming "Culturally Competent" is a life-long process. The OME provides opportunities through diversity training, workshops, lectures, retreat, dialogues, and fun activities to support your journey towards Cultural Competence.


How can I join one of the Multicultural Student Organizations?

Each MSO has a specific (but simple) process for people wanting to join. For additonal information about the Multicultural Student Organizations on Hope's campus visit our Student Organizations page.


What do I do if I see and/or experience a bias incident?

Hope College has an official process for reporting a bias incident - you can find additional information here.


Does the OME only focus on racial/ethnic diversity?

No. Diversity is all encompassing, therefore, we take a holistic approach to the various dimensions of diversity.


Where can I find out more info about OME events?

All of our events are posted in our Events section which is updated frequently.